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Olivia Wilson

Students of HR and Management know that employee motivation is one of the crucial aspects of a business. Employee taxation law assignment help can be challenging at times. If you are struggling with a case study, this blog will provide you with relevant insights.

A case study is a type of research method where a particular instance, initiative or program is used to analyse or illustrate a principle. If you are working on psychology assignment help , you need to find out a motivation program conducted by a company to boost the motivation levels of the employees. You need to analyse the outcome of the HR motivation program by incorporating various theories and interpretation.

Read on to know the 6 essential things you should remember while writing an employee motivation case study.

6 ways to make your case study a killer one

Most students look for help when they are unable to come with online exam help with relevant solutions. Apply the steps given below and write a brilliant academic paper. 

Select the focus of your case study

The secret to drafting a compelling and impactful employee motivation case study is to select a company that has conducted a motivation program. You can choose famous brands like'Walmart,''Mark & ​​Spencers', etc. Make sure the motivation program conducted by the company has a story to tell. If you select the focus of the case study wisely, your analysis will be compact and precise.

Include motivation factors and emphasise on their roles

When you are working on an employee motivation case study, you need to work on various motivational factors. You need to discuss factors like recognition and appreciation, job satisfaction, good salary, appraisal, etc. in your paper.  You need to write about different motivational factors. Discuss how the chosen company and its motivation factors worked to encourage the employees.

Include relevant theory to justify your interpretation

Relevant theories will help your readers to understand how the motivation program worked. It will also shed light on the outcome of the initiative. You can include theories like Herzberg’s Motivation-hygiene theory and Abraham Maslow needs Hierarchy theory. These theories talk about the five important fundamental needs of the employees that can boost their interest to work in the organisation.

Explain the background of the case study and state the problem

When you work on coding assignment help, do not forget to write about the background of the case study. You need to get your facts right before you begin with the task of writing. Conduct adequate research to find if there was a need for a motivational program in the company. For example, if you have chosen ‘Starbucks’ for your case study and want to analyse their employee motivation program, you need to state the problem before discussing the steps that were taken to provide a solution. Stating the problem and explaining the background will help your readers to understand your case study better.

Include statistical data

Besides providing a theoretical explanation of the topic, it is essential to include statistical data to make your information more credible. While writing Finance assignment help, you can talk about the salary, the percentage of hike for the employees, the number of leaves granted in a year, the percentage of incentives, etc. These statistical data will make your supervisor believe that you have conducted in-depth research before writing the case study.

Explain the achieved hypotheses

 You should explain the chosen hypothesis before you write the conclusion. It will help the readers to get relevant insights. Include a separate paragraph to discuss the achieved hypothesis before writing the conclusion. It will also provide you with an opportunity to summarise the results of your case study analysis.

In addition, you can formulate the research questions, scope and significance of the case study. You can score brownie points in the upcoming semester by implementing the stellar tips mentioned above. Draft a brilliant programming help service this semester and leave your supervisors awestruck.

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