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America’s Got Talent:The Champions

This April the local English channel TVB Prarl presented an entirely new programme called America’s Got Talent: The Champions, a spin-off of America’s Got talent as a following programe to succeed the completion of the broadcasting of both America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent 2018.

According to Wikipedia, this programe premiered on January 7, 2019. The program’s format is similar to that of the main edition, but features a variety of winners, finalists, and other successful or notable participants from the American and other international editions of the Got Talent franchise. They compete against each other in a series of preliminary episodes for a place in the finals, with the winning finalist being crowned "World Champion" and receiving $25,000.

In the first season, the series had seven episodes and was hosted by Terry Crews. Plus, it featured the same four judges who appeared during the thirteenth season of America’s Got Talent. The competition resulted in Shin Lim, winner of the thirteenth season of AGT, finishing first, with singer-ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, winner of the twelfth season of AGT, coming in second, and sand artist Kseniya Simonova, winner of the first season of UMT (Ukrayina maye talant), placing third.

The following clip shows the close-up magic shown in the finalist competition that made Shin Lim become the winner of America’s Got Telent: The champions.It is really incredible and amazing magic that you might have ever seen.

Shin Lim : Close-up Magic .

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Another Clip from AGT

You might have watched lots of variety trick magics through the screen, but have you ever experienced watching close-up magic, which means performance of magic right in front of your face? Here is one performed by a Canadian-born Chinese Shin Lim, Magician that blows minds with unbelievable close-up magic. And for your information, Shin Lim is the winner of Americas Got Talent 2018!

Close-up Magic

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Clip from AGT

Since American got Talent(AGT) season 13 was telecasted in TVB Pearl starting July 21, 2018, I have never missed watching the programme which falls on every week-ends at 8:30 p.m. There are quite a some of attracting clips of the audition. One of them is the following entitled “Jeffrey Li: Simon Cowell Promises A DOG To 13-Year-Old Child STAR! “

Jeffrey Li(中文名:李成宇) is a 13 years old Canadian-born Chinese boy who amazingly sang one of the biggest songs in the world “ You Raise Me Up” in his audition and got 4 yes in AGT 2018, and as a reward of his passing through the audition, one of the judges, Simon Cowell, who is also the producer of AGT, promised a puppy to him to realize his dream to become a dog owner.

Now please enjoy the clip below.

Clip from AGT: Jeffrey Li


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American Got Talent Season 13

Starting this evening (July 21), new season of Americans Got Talent (AGT), i.e season 13, will be on screen in TVB Pearl at 8:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday. If you are fans of this popular programme, don’t miss the chance to enjoy it.

By the way, I am pleased to let you know that the total figure of browsers that enter into this English Corner since its opening a couple of years ago, has reached to 20,000 perwon-time. It is an encouraging figure, isn’t it? Let’s hope for a better future for this column!

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