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I hate Winter in Hong Kong

If You ask me how I feel about the weather in winter in Hong Kong, I would answer you without any hesitation:“Very annoying and costly!”. It does not only torturing you body physically, but also cost you a lot financially.

A couple of days ago I got a bill from CLP, the electric fee for the period from Mid January to Mid March cost me as high as nearly 1,200 dollars! As you know , the last two months .Hong Kong had suffered from consecutive cold flow from the north causing the Hong Kong Observatory issuing cold weather alert constantly.

I am a guy that extremely can’t stand cold weather at all and I have to rely on heaters to wam myself for most of the days during the cold weathers in effect and now I have to bear the consequences for such “luxury”.

It is now almot the end of March, but we still have to wear thick jacket to keep warm. The weather forcast said that today the lowest temperature will reach 14 degree celcius. Oh my God, how I hate the winter weather in Hong Kong!

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Suspicious Neighbours

The following was taken from 「外語趣談」on Bachung Wesbsite, which was pasted by wmy.

Suspicious Neighbours

Please click

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Darci Lynne

If you are a regular viewer of America’s Got Tatent(AGT), you are bound to know who Darci Lynne is, because she is the winner of AGT for 2017. If you have watched the several performances from the beginning of the audition in which she got golden bazzard from one of the judges, Mel B through the semi-final anf to the final competition, you are sure to feel deeply that Darci Lynne is indeed an incredible girl who is really talented.

The following is a clip of Darcy Linne’s performance after she got the golden bazzard from Mel B. Please enjoy it.

Darci Lynne

Please clik

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Singing Truump

Previously, in August I pasted a message here entitled ” Season 12 of AGT”, reminding you that the new season of the most popular television programme these years “American Got Talent” is presently on the television screen. The following is a clip from the said AGT programme, in which the singing Trump showed up in his first audition on AGT season 12. Whether or not you are a fan of the show, I am sure you are going to like the performance of this singing Trunp.

Singing Trump

Please clik

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