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Merit For A Young Girl

You might agree that elderly people in Hong Kong often meet with the problem of looking for a seat to sit when taking MTR or buses, with in most cases having to stand amidst the crowded passenger , particularly during rush hours. Luckily, some passengers would kindly stand up to offer their seats the moment they see you step into the train or bus.

This might not be a case that you need to speak out to friends of such merit that you receive from those kind-hearted passengers. However, I do need to mention here about what I encountered in the train the other day.

One afternoon, I stepped into a train toward Tsuen Wan in Prince Edward station, and the compartment was packed with passengers without a single empty seat.I stood near the door, leaning to the edge of the compartment, reading newspaper which I just bought from 7-11 at the station. Suddenly I felt that somebody was tapping at my shoulder, I looked up and saw a young girl standing at my side, saying “Uncle, there is an empty seat over there.” with her hand pointing to the direction of the empty seat.I looked through the crowd and did see there was an empty seat on the bench at the left hand side. At that particular moment I was deeply moved by her act. Because she specially approached me from a distance simply to tell me there was an empty seat which an old man like me is entitled to take. What a good girl she is! Don’t you think I should give her a merit?

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Season 12 of AGT

If you are a regular viewer of one of the most popular television programs AGT(American Got Talent《全美一叮》), I have got a good news for you that a new season of AGT, i.e. Season 12 will be telecasted on TVB Pearl at 8:30 pm starting this Saturday and Sunday (August 26&27) in a successive day.

In this season a nine years old candidate from Hong Kong Celine Tam(譚芷昀)has been promoted to semi-final as announced this morning. If you want to know whether this little girl from Hong Kong could win in the semi-final, don’t miss the program!

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Never have I ever expected that this English field has been in idle state for as long as 4 months, yes, for 4 months with nothing updated at all. Huh, what a discouraging situation.

I am speechless and felt ashamed as I myself contributed nothing during this period. At this moment I can only say “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Fellow fans , let’s work together and see what we can do to improve the current state of this field.

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Encouraging Figures

To my great surprise and joy, after experiencing a rather long period of maintaining a low figure of generally below 10 browsers calculated on daily basis, this field has recorded an increasing number of viewers in a 3 successive days very recently with person-time of browsers at a level of minimum 10 and maximum up to 30, a rare highest figure appeared since this field was set up a couple of years ago.

The increasing numbers of browsers of this field, although unstable so far, yet indicate that potential browsers could be expected to step into this field that are designed for the interest of English language hobbyists at large.

I do expect that my fellow English enthusiasts could work together to boost this field for the entertainment of any persons that are interested in this English field.

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