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America’s Got Talent 2016 (2)

Here is an entertaining clip from America’s Got Talent 2016 performed by a 54 years old guy called Christopher in a 5in1 show, which won the warm applauses from the 4 judges and crazy response from the audiences who all stood up to cheer him.

Clip rom America’s Got Talent 2016


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A Touching Moment (2)

It is my habit to take a short-ride bus to go to the shopping mall in the neighborhood to do some shopping every week simply because there are more variety of goods to select there than that in the estate where I live.

One day in early winter, I got on a bus to go back home after doing some shopping in the said shopping arcade and behind me that stepped on the bus was a very old lady who is obviously slow in motion because of her age. She tried to take out her octopus card from her bag but didn’t succeed due to her clumsy act. The young driver of the bus asked her to sit down first, and I noticed he didn’t start the bus immediately but wait until the old lady was already on her seat.

However, Just as the bus moved on with gradual increase in speed, the old lady suddenly stood up with her octopus card in hand and walked slowly with her hand leaning now and then on the bus edge simply to keep herself balance when moving towards the octopus machine at the bus head, just at this moment I strongly felt that the bus was all of a sudden reducing speed to a slow moving status, and then after the old lady tapped her octopus card and returned to her seat, the bus then moved again in a normal speed. It is clearly that the bus driver deliberately reduce the speed simply to take care of the old lady, fearing she might fall down if the bus moving too fast. What a considerate and kind-hearted person the driver is! Never have I experienced such a good deed in taking a bus.

As I have said in the previous article, there are always good people existing in our community . God bless the good driver!

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Britain’s Got Talent 2015

TVB Pearl is currently rebroadcasting the 2015 version of Britain’s Got Talent,which is the 10th season, also marking the 10th anniversary of the show every Saturday and Sunday evening at 8:30 pm.

The following is a clip from Britain’s Got Talent 2015:Jasmine Elcock A True Teen Singing Superstar Full Audition, that moved one of the Judges, Alesha and of the hosts to tears, leading to the press of the Golden Buzzer by the two hosts. See if you are also moved to tears after you heard the song sung by the schoolgirl in the clip.

Clip from Britain’s Got Talent 2015

Please click

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A Touching Moment

Here I want to share with you my true experience with the good deed of a young boy.

One afternoon in a sunny day in early autumn, I came out from a typical Hong Kong style restaurant in a shopping mall just having finished my late lunch, and putting the small changes of coins into my purse after settling the bill and all of a sudden, I got loose of the purse and it fell down to the floor with all the coins pouring out from the purse and scattered all around the place, how embarrassing!However, when I was preparing to kneel down to pick up the coins, before I realized it, a young boy who was walking with his mother towards my direction dashed to where I stood and knelt down immediately and picked up in a swift motion all the coins on the floor, the mother even joined in giving hand, very soon the boy gave to me all the coins that scattered on the floor and then walked away with his mother just like that without saying a word.

I was really moved by this act of the young boy and said many thanks to him and his mother. What a touching moment indeed. Yes , there are good-hearted persons and well-educated youngsters existing in our community!

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