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Coffee Luwak

The video shown below was taken from bazhong website pasted by Rainbow (rb1606) for your information.

Coffee Luwak

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A Few Sincere Words

As a host of this column, I really feel sorry for its state of idleness for as long as approximately 3 months. To the best of my memory, never has this colimn been deserted for such a long period of time. The main reason is that I myself had been engaged in the last couple of months in the matters in connection with the programs for the reunion party for class 60’to be held in Indonesia, which left me no spare time to devote to the regularly updating of the contents of this column.

Secondly, this column still faces the key problem of lack of active participants who are willing to post their messages or leave whatever words that could entertain the viewers at large of this column.

In view of the fact, I would sincerely appeal, like I did before, to the viewers of this column to become the active participants in flourishing this English Field !

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Troy the Magician

One Sunday evening,when tuning to TVB Pearl, an interesting programe entitled Troy caught my eyes. It is all about magic. Initially, I intended to watch only for a while,but the tricks were so incredible that made me watch from the very beginning to the end.

Data reveals that Troy is a British television series which first broadcast on E4 on 11 February 2014 and finished its first series on 11 March 2014. It is presented by magician Troy Von Scheibner, who performs magic to the public and looks rather camp.It made its American debut on Syfy 13 January 2015.

Please watch the following video and make first accquiantance with the British talented magician Troy Von Scheibner.

Troy the Magician

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Crazy World stories

《Crazy World Stories 》

Please Click

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